Station Sponsorship

Each year, the stations of Northern Public Radio devote thousands of airtime minutes to promoting the works of community organizations like yours.  Through public service announcements (PSAs), online events listings, and collaborative station sponsorships, we aim to connect our educated, engaged listeners to events, activities, and causes they may find worthwhile.

In fact, it's the mission of Northern Public Radio to enrich, inspire and inform adults in northern Illinois through programs and services that share ideas, encourage thought, give pleasure and create community.

Northern Public Radio offers the following:

WNIJ (89.5 FM – NPR News) and WNIU (90.5/105.7 FM – Classical Music) broadcast no-charge public service announcements in limited rotation at unspecific, non-guaranteed times.  Materials may be submitted anytime by emailing

You can share event details through our website: under the events tab, sidebar.  There, you can click on "Guidelines" for additional instruction. All submissions will be reviewed and approved by an editor at Northern Public Radio before appearing on the site.

Station sponsorships go a step beyond PSAs with scheduled :30 announcements and, oftentimes, additional co-promotion between your group and the station.  Generally, WNIJ/WNIU may choose to sponsor events we believe to be compelling to our audience, connected to programming, and/or serving a significant community need. Because the inquiries often outnumber our available airtime, we give careful consideration to applicants at strategic points in the year, aiming for fairness and diversity.

If you believe one of your upcoming programs would be a great fit for the WNIJ or WNIU audience, we invite you to complete a Sponsorship Request Form (attached below) for an opportunity to be considered for a station sponsorship in the coming year.