2013 Winter Book Series

Imagine your father pulling you out of school to tell you he killed a man. How would you react to this news?

Kelly Daniels was nine when his father announced he killed a cousin, a drug dealer. The elder Daniels was already a stranger, having left his family months earlier.

Driving away from the school, his father says, "You can cry if you want."

Daniels describes his reaction in Chapter 1 of Cloudbreak, California:

Virtual Book Club This Saturday

Oct 21, 2013

(Updated Nov. 15th)

Here's what book lovers are already tweeting about Snakewoman of Little Egypt:

"Do you know of any actual snake-handling churches in IL? Ever been to a service?"

"Church of the Burning Bush With Signs Following?  (Where did that name come from)?"

"How did come up with the name Thomas Ford University?"


Oct 2, 2013

Join WNIJ and your fellow book lovers for a community reading of a novel from our Winter Book Series.

Snakewoman of Little Egypt kicks off the series in December but on Saturday, Nov. 16, you'll have an opportunity to tweet your questions and comments to the author, Robert Hellenga, during an interview with Dan Klefstad. Use the Twitter hashtag above to be part of this special event.