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The Rockford University Art Gallery holds its biennial fundraising event, “Heart Art” this Friday, Feb. 20.  The silent art auction gives attendees have a chance to bid on pieces donated by a wide range of artists.

Molly Carter is the director of the Rockford University Art Gallery, and organizer of this year’s Heart Art.  An artist herself, she’s also donated one of her own pieces to the show.  Carter says quite a few people look forward to the event.

Music lexicographer Theodore Baker, in his biographical dictionary of musicians, labeled J.S. Bach as the "supreme arbiter and lawgiver of music." And while Bach may have blanched had he read such a description, there is absolute power to much of his music.

Performance artist. Visual artist. World's Best Dishwasher.

These are just a few of the things Jesus Correa lists on his website. He also ran for Mayor of Rockford, getting nearly 400 votes in 2009.

More recently, Correa released a book of poetry after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The collection, Iced Cream, is published by Zombie Logic, a firm that bills itself as "The most dangerous small press in America."

You rise at 5:00 every morning, hoping for an hour of creativity before the kids awake. You fire up your laptop and stare at the blank Word .doc, straining to write the greatest opening line since Anna Karenina.


Happy writers are all alike. Each unproductive writing session is unproductive in its own way.

Christine Swanberg, Trinadora

This weekend, poet Christine Swanberg and Trinadora, musicians Ron Holm and Jannie Nelson, give a Valentine’s Day concert at Rockford’s JustGoods Fair Trade Marketplace.  Swanberg explains the theme of the concert.

When Amit Peled was 10, his parents gave him a gift: a cassette of music by cello master Pablo Casals. Peled had no classical background; his parents were not musicians. He says his own budding interest in the cello was a scam, a way of getting close to a girl in his town who happened to play the instrument. And yet, every night, he would fall asleep with the tape playing from a boombox beside his bed. The music made an impression.

Even trailblazing composers like Steve Reich sometimes look to the distant past for inspiration. His 1993 Duet for two violins and strings is music in which minimalism reaches back to its ancient roots. These six minutes of mesmerizing sunshine recall both the rigorous counterpoint of J.S.

The latest book in our 2015 Winter Book Series is a novel set during a time when evangelical authors and publishers pushed for wider recognition of books with a Christian perspective.

The Cold Wrath Of Nature, Given Operatic Voice

Feb 7, 2015