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A Fresh Start For The House Cafe

Jan 11, 2017
Carl Nelson/WNIJ News

DeKalb’s live music scene has struggled in recent years. Popular venues have been boarded up or changed hands. The House Cafe is moving forward with plans to fill a void for music fans. WNIJ's Carl Nelson interviewed the Cafe's newest owner.  

Sessions from Studio A - La Historia

Jan 7, 2017
Carl Nelson

La Historia performs "Fall Right Through" in WNIJ's Studio A.

La Historia performs "Hope to Know" in WNIJ's Studio A.

Find La Historia online at their website,, and Bandcamp.

Classical composers have long had their patrons: Beethoven had Archduke Rudolph, John Cage had Betty Freeman. For contemporary opera composers, there's Beth Morrison. She and her production company have commissioned new works from some of the most innovative emerging composers today.

Georges Prêtre, the French conductor with a seven-decade career that included close associations with Maria Callas and many of the world's top orchestras, died Wednesday in France at age 92.

Ben Johnston doesn't follow the rules of music. Sure, he's got degrees from two colleges and a conservatory. But from an early age, Johnston heard music differently. When he was growing up in Georgia, he questioned the standard scales he was taught in school. "I played by ear and I invented my own chords," he says.