Black History Month

Sunday February 3rd at 6pm

Let Freedom Sing chronicles the idealistic artists, uncompromising personalities and powerful music of the era, and looks at how these forces combined to turn abolitionism from a scorned fringe movement into a nation-changing force. Our special is hosted by Noah Adams.

Sunday February 10th at 6pm

As African Americans continue to be acknowledged by their communities, our country and internationally, this special features milestone conversations with Maya Angelou and lauded African Americans from the Grammy's to the Emmy's, Academy Awards, and Nobel Prize categories.

The Children of Children Keep Coming

Jan 29, 2013

Sunday February 17th at 6pm

Through story and song, author Russell Goings has adapted his epic poem “The Children of Children Keep Coming” into an hour-long spoken word performance that delineates and celebrates the too often unsung African American cultural history.

William's Leap For Freedom

Jan 29, 2013
Historical Society of Missouri

Sunday February 24th at 6pm

This original play is based on the life of freed slave William Wells Brown. The performance was recorded live in June 2010 and stars Mirron E. Willis as Wells Brown and features Barbara Rosenblat along with a multi-voice cast.