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A group of Chicago-area legislators are once again planning to push for tougher gun laws.

It comes the wake of last year’s increase in violence in parts of the city. State Representative Mike Zalewski says the proposal would force judges to impose longer prison sentences on people who carry guns illegally, or carefully explain their reasoning if they choose not to.The Riverside Democrat says the idea is to make court decisions more transparent. 

“Judges will be guided by the fact that the General Assembly wishes you to take your time on these cases," he said.  

Last year, there were 24 instances in which Chicago officers fired their weapons and hit someone. It's the lowest number since the Independent Police Review Authority started keeping track in 2008.


Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson credits expanded training.

A Chicago police officer who was off-duty when he fatally shot a man Monday has been relieved of his police powers.

In a statement Tuesday, the Chicago Police Department says the action against the unnamed officer was due to the resulting investigation.

The Cook County medical examiner's office says 38-year-old Jose Nieves died of multiple gunshot wounds. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says the shooting victim did not have a weapon when shot.

There were 762 homicides in Chicago last year, a rate that's at its highest since 1997. 


A WBEZ review of police data shows 41 shootings involved children younger than 14. They were either killed or wounded from the incidents. Superintendent Eddie Johnson says fewer than 10 percent of the incidents with children led to arrests.

One of the bloodiest years on record in Chicago ended with 762 homicides and more than 3,500 shooting incidents.

Police released crime statistics on Sunday that reveal rampant gun violence.

Not only were nearly 300 more homicides and more than 1,000 more shooting incidents than there were in 2015, but the total number of homicides was the highest since 1997.

The statistics also show that the bulk of the homicides were in five of the city's poorest neighborhoods on the South and West sides, where violent street gangs are most active.