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Hundreds of protesters disrupted Black Friday shopping in Chicago's Magnificent Mile district demanding an elected civilian police review board.

A determined and peaceful crowd rallied Friday morning near the city's historic Old Water Tower. A similar protest occurred a year ago after the release of a video showing a white police officer shooting black teen Laquan McDonald.

Kofi Ademola leads Black Lives Matter Chicago. He bemoaned that a year later investigations are underway into two police shootings of black men in the past three weeks, including one Wednesday.

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About 500 workers at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago say they'll strike Tuesday, Nov. 29, after the Thanksgiving holiday.  

Today’s Cubs victory parade is expected to result in heavy delays on the Metra system. 

Trains will be crowded and operating off-schedule throughout the day, according to Daily Herald reports.  Baseball fans have been encouraged to take public transportation to the parade, but Metra advises regular riders to work from home today if possible.  

Officials further advised  passengers to leave early or stay late in Chicago to avoid a meltdown during the afternoon rush-hour.

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Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex displayed at Chicago’s Field Museum, didn’t use its tiny arms very often.  That’s the initial conclusion from a study by the Argonne National Laboratory. 

Researchers scanned the arm bones to generate a 3D image down to the cellular level.  Associate Dinosaur Curator Pete Makovicky says the image doesn't show many signs of stress on the bones that would indicate frequent use.  

The Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball filed a federal lawsuit last week against three dozen vendors for allegedly selling counterfeit Cubs gear around Wrigley Field.

Their lawsuit claims the individuals are "causing substantial and irreparable injury to the public” and to the team.

The complaint features photos of the alleged big-league pirates and their imitation wares.  These include a t-shirt showing Marilyn Monroe wearing a Cubs jersey and a bucket hat with the Cubs’ bear on it.