child pornography

Keith Farnham - Illinois General Assembly

A former Illinois state representative changes his plea in a child pornography case today as part of a plea deal.


Elgin Democrat Keith Farnham pleaded not guilty earlier this year to possessing, receiving and transporting child pornography. Prosecutors say Farnham possessed videos depicting illegal images of children, some of whom were allegedly under 10.

The defense asked the court to allow Farnham to remain free on electronic monitoring pending sentencing because he requires treatment for bladder cancer, hepatitis and pulmonary fibrosis. 

A Freeport man’s appeal of a child pornography conviction was denied today by the Illinois Supreme court because he took and sent cell-phone pictures of a 17-year-old girl with whom he had sexual relations in 2008.

The pictures were found by the girl’s mother, who complained to police. Hollins was ultimately charged under child pornography provisions, which set 18 as the age of consent to be photographed in such circumstances. The age of consent for sexual activity is 17.