Christine Radogno

The results of two high-profile Illinois state races are widely seen as a referendum on Republican Governor Bruce Rauner's agenda. 

But a top Senate Republican says it's important to look at all the races.

Minority Leader Christine Radogno says members of both parties need to "get their act together" and work on a compromise.

"It's about this state facing a crisis and that crisis was there Monday before the election and it's still here on Thursday,” Radogno said.


Legislators are trying to protect kids from measles, without offending anti-vaccine parents.

The outbreak of measles at a Palatine learning center in February has lawmakers wanting to protect children, but it's a politically sensitive topic.

When Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno presented her proposal to a legislative committee, she was upfront about her desire to not step on the toes of parents who choose to not vaccinate their kids, while at the same time wanting to protect children.

Amanda Vinicky / Illinois Public Radio

Members of Illinois' 98th General Assembly were sworn in today in Springfield. There are a number of new faces -- but the four at the top remain the same.