City of Rockford

Rockford officials could tap a public schools support organization to create a local pipeline for new police officers and firefighters. 

The city’s Finance and Personnel Committee voted Monday in favor of a proposal that would pay Alignment Rockford $40,000 per year for three years to create high-school level certification programs for students interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement or firefighting.

city of Rockford

Members of Rockford's Finance and Personnel Committee forwarded a budget plan to address a  $5.3 million shortfall to the full city council.

Rockford Police Department

Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea and Mayor Larry Morrissey welcomed several hundred people Wednesday into the old Turner School Building at 1410 Broadway. 

city of Rockford

Rockford is expanding its homelessness surveys to include young people. 

The Register-Star reports the new focus comes as the city achieved "functional zero" for veteran homelessness in 2015.  This means the number of veterans entering homelessness equals the number coming out. 

Rockford’s City Administrator Is Stepping Down

Jan 17, 2017

City Administrator Jim Ryan is leaving his position next month.

He's accepting the position of Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for Rock Valley College. 

Starting as City Administrator in 2005, Ryan oversees daily operations of 10 departments.

Ryan launched his career with the city in 1999 as the Capital Development Manager. It followed a five-year stint as the Assistant Village Manager for the Village of Grayslake.

He led the city's downtown efforts in financing a structure for the MetroCentre renovation.