Opinions Mixed On This Year's Crop Yield

Jul 10, 2017
U of I Extension

Local farmers’ expectations are varying on this year’s crops.

McHenry County farmer Harry Alten anticipates a later harvest than normal with corn that isn’t as high in quality as the past.

“I think the harvest is going to be late," he said. "There’s a lot of corn that will be high in moisture content, unless they planted some earlier varieties. And the quality usually when you get wet corn like that – high in moisture content I should say – the quality is not there. And it’s going to be a problem.”

Not So Pesky Pests May Help Crops

Oct 11, 2012
University of Nebraska

A new study shows bugs might not always be a bad thing for farmers. It’s possible some pests could ultimately do more good than harm to crops across the region by helping them pull through hardships like this year’s drought. Western Illinois University biologist Richard Musser found the saliva of hornworms can turn on frost and drought resistant genes in plants. He says that could have big implications for the agricultural community.

Early Start for Harvesting in Illinois

Oct 10, 2012
DeKalb County Farm Bureau

The fall harvest is underway in Illinois for the corn and soybean crops.  The harvest is earlier this year,  due to the drought during key parts of this year's growing season.  Yields are expected to be lower this year than in previous years. DeKalb County farmers are expected to bring in an average of 160 bushels of corn per acre.