Illinois’s Department of Children and Family Services is telling contractors to be ready to make cuts if political leaders ever agree on a spending plan.

A federal judge told DCFS to provide the same level of services as it had in June, until the governor and legislators approve a budget.

But DCFS is pre-emptively telling its contractors to also get ready for 10 percent cuts - though there is no budget guiding that.

Ben Wolf is with the American Civil Liberties Union and has sued DCFS over its quality of care before.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner warns cuts are coming if there's no budget deal. Beginning July 1, that could leave some people without jobs. 

Several union members gathered to make an appeal to the Governor.

Kevin Holmes is employed as a Home Care Worker. He's a father of four.

Holmes is concerned about what will happen to his paycheck if Rauner's proposal to cut back on home care services for seniors and the disabled goes through. He says he's worried about the people he cares for.

Illinois Public Radio

Illinois leaders aren't in agreement on a new state budget, even as the current one nears its July expiration date. Democrats passed their own version, but Gov. Bruce Rauner can't act on most of it yet, even if he wants to.

Just a few of the 20 budget bills which Democrats passed have made it to Rauner's desk, where he has the ability to sign them into law, reject them entirely, or cut down the levels of spending.

The rest are still on hold.

Illinois schools face deep cuts

Jun 8, 2012

Illinois schools would see $200 million in cuts in the budget approved by state lawmakers last week. An Associated Press analysis says if the governor signs the budget, Illinois would fall further behind in providing basic education funding for each student.

Rockford-based Swedish American Health System has announced layoffs and job position eliminations to stay in the black,  citing potential reductions to reimbursement rates under the state's Medicaid program.