DeKalb County

The DeKalb County Board unanimously approved a moratorium on new wind and solar farms for 18 months, or until the county releases a sustainable energy plan. 

The Daily Chronicle reports the board plans on using this time to assess the various effects wind towers would have on the community.  These include value of nearby properties, aesthetic considerations, and any consequences for wildlife.  


Starting today, DeKalb County residents can vote early in the 2017 Consolidated Election.  

It covers municipal offices, such as mayors and aldermen, as well as township and special district positions, like parks, fire, and schools. All candidates are non-partisan in DeKalb County, so there’s no separate primary round. This also means voters have no need to worry about selecting a candidate that risks being eliminated partway through the race. 

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A Morris-based propane company is suing DeKalb County over the denial of a special-use permit.  

Dibble Family LLC wants to build a propane distribution facility at 25330 Five Points Road, in Mayfield Township outside Sycamore.

To this end, it requested a special use permit from the County Board to build the facility. However, local residents worried about the project's environmental impact, noise, and safety.

As a result, the Board voted against the proposal 15-9 in November.


We’re just past one election, but another is right around the corner.

There are fewer candidates than spots up for election in DeKalb County. The April 4 election covers a variety of positions, like city mayors, aldermen, trustees, and school board members.

DeKalb County Clerk and Recorder Doug Johnson says there will be numerous tax referenda, like a one percent increase in Sandwich. He says these proposals help fill in gaps during times of financial need.

DeKalb County

The DeKalb County Board voted 15-9 against a special use permit to build a propane storage facility in Mayfield Township.

The Daily Chronicle reports Dibble Family LLC wanted to build two 30,000 gallon storage tanks at 25330 Five Points Road.  The company intended to have the facility serve existing customers in DeKalb County, about 90% of whom are farmers and agricultural businesses.