DeKalb county Farm Bureau

Early Start for Harvesting in Illinois

Oct 10, 2012
DeKalb County Farm Bureau

The fall harvest is underway in Illinois for the corn and soybean crops.  The harvest is earlier this year,  due to the drought during key parts of this year's growing season.  Yields are expected to be lower this year than in previous years. DeKalb County farmers are expected to bring in an average of 160 bushels of corn per acre.


While they aren’t seeing the catastrophic losses of the most hard-hit areas, northern Illinois farmers are still expecting a significantly reduced corn crop as a result of this summer’s drought. The outlook for soybeans isn’t so clear. Farmers are keeping their fingers crossed.

Paul Rassmussen farms both corn and soybeans in DeKalb County. He says it’s still too early to predict what kind of soybean harvest it will be.

DeKalb County Farm Bureau turns 100

Jul 27, 2012

The DeKalb County Farm Bureau is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Greg Millburg is the organization’s executive director. WNIJ’s Guy Stephens spoke with him about the Farm Bureau.