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  The DeKalb Classroom Teachers' Association reached a tentative contract agreement with DeKalb CUSD 428. 

The Daily Chronicle reports Superintendent Doug Moeller announced the breakthrough in a letter to parents Saturday.  The tentative nature of the agreement means neither group is disclosing details of the contract.  However, negotiation sticking points have included the length of the workday and teacher salaries.  

The DCTA plans to vote on the measure Wednesday.  If approved the school board will hold a similar vote Thursday.  


Illinois school districts might be forced to use a state exemption to help deal with all the snow days that are piling up.

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Another day of sweltering temperatures means another short school day for many students in northern Illinois. The National Weather Service predicts record-high temperatures for this time of year will be reached Tuesday, with thermometers topping out in the low- to mid-90s.

DeKalb School District

Starting March 4th, Illinois public school students will sharpen their number 2 pencils for this year’s round of standardized testing known as the ISATs. Meanwhile, school districts are warning parents that kids aren’t expected to score as highly as last year, under new higher standards. 

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A group of residents is trying to stop a land swap deal between a developer and the DeKalb School District.