Doug Baker

The Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees could take another vote next week regarding Doug Baker's Presidential Transition Agreement.

A judge ruled last month that the university violated the Open Meetings Act when it approved Baker’s deal this summer soon after he announced his resignation.

DeKalb resident Misty Haji-Sheikh filed the lawsuit and could be entitled to having her legal fees covered. That decision will be made early next year.

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DeKalb County Judge Bradley Waller granted a temporary restraining order on Friday that bars Northern Illinois University from taking further action regarding former President Doug Baker’s severance package after his June resignation.

The university already paid Baker more than $600,000 on July 15.

DeKalb resident Misty Haji-Sheikh sued the NIU Board of Trustees in June for allegedly violating the Open Meetings Act. Waller ruled that NIU cannot take further action regarding Baker’s severance package before the next hearing on Sept. 8.

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UPDATE: (8/1/17) NIU spokesman Joe King confirms Dr. Baker was paid in full as of July 15, 2017.

PREVIOUS: The case of whether the Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees violated the Open Meetings Act continues with a hearing the first week of August. A motion filed Thursday requests a temporary restraining order to prevent former NIU president Doug Baker from getting his severance pay.

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Northern Illinois University’s Board of Trustees has released its final annual evaluation of former NIU President Doug Baker. It echoed earlier reviews by the Board, with a few notable exceptions.

A “360 degree review” using feedback from across the NIU community served as the basis for the evaluation.


DeKalb County Board Member Misty Haji-Sheikh is suing Northern Illinois University over outgoing-President Doug Baker's severance package.

Haji-Sheikh alleges that university trustees violated the state's Open Meetings Act by not revealing the details of Baker's severance package until the end of their meeting making the announcement.