Illinois Marine Among Nepali Crash Victims

May 17, 2015
Associated Press

A combat photographer from Illinois was among the six U.S. Marines who were killed May 12 when their helicopter crashed during a humanitarian mission in earthquake-devastated Nepal.

Cpl. Sara A. Medina, of Aurora, was capturing images of the Marine Corps' relief efforts in Nepal as a combat photographer assigned to Marine Corps Installations Pacific.

Gov. Bruce Rauner issued the following statement Sunday for the death of Medina:

Jae C. Hong/AP

An earthquake shook part of Southern California Friday night, breaking water pipes and rattling nerves with aftershocks that went on into the night. The 5.1-magnitude quake hit at a shallow depth about 20 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

While the quake didn't inflict severe damage in the area around its epicenter, it caused many problems, from water main breaks to a rockslide. Thousands of people felt its effects; there haven't been reports of serious injuries.