Education and learning

Chicago State University won’t have funds to operate by March 1 if  state money is not released, officials there have said.

All Rockford Public Schools are closed today, according to an announcement on the school district website. All district after-school activities also are canceled, the announcement said.

The district reports that "a large percentage" of the district-owned school buses would not start because of the extreme cold.

The Administration Building, Student Assignment Center/Sterling Holley and Operations Support Center are open.

A Chicago area transgender student whose fight to use a girls' locker room sparked a national debate will be allowed access on Friday.

The move follows a long battle with federal authorities and public meetings.

Palatine-based Township High School District 211 entered an agreement with federal officials last month after the student filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights.

State of Illinois

Most school districts in Illinois would get an increase in state aid if a budget request approved Wednesday by the State Board of Education is adopted.

Only the wealthiest districts would see a decrease, and it would be less than 1 percent. 

State funding for public schools has remained stagnant or decreased for the past five years. Districts with low property values have no way to supplement that aid, leaving Illinois with one of the most inequitable funding scenarios in the nation.

Students Offered Incentive To Consider Kishwaukee

Jan 5, 2016
Jenna Dooley

Students returning from winter break are getting an offer they can't refuse. One lucky student will have his or her tuition paid for the spring semester, up to 12 credit hours. Marshall Hayes is the Director of Foundation Development of Kishwaukee College.  Hayes says, "it's a tuition reimbursement we're offering for the spring semester. It's an encouragement for students to consider taking classes at Kish. 

The tuition reimbusement was approved after discussion with other department heads.