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Rockford Debuts New Policing Strategy

Jan 20, 2014
city of Rockford

Rockford police have started the first phase of geographic policing. The Register-Star reports this weekend officers staffed the city's inaugural Pilot Police District. It assigns teams to specific areas of the city.

The idea is to divide Rockford into three police districts, each with its own station and commander.

Doug Pann, Linkedin

Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson has named the first Commander of the new Geographic Police Pilot District. Lieutenant Douglas Pann will act as the Commander of the first of three geographic policing districts.  He will  command District II.

Rockford Pursues Geographic Policing

Oct 23, 2012

Several northern Illinois cities use some form of geographic policing, which focuses on placing officers into defined districts. From North Aurora to Roselle, different variations of the model are being carried out. In Rockford, city leaders want to follow suit by making big changes to the police department’s structure.  But not everyone is on board.