Gov. Pat Quinn;

Governor Pat Quinn and challenger Bruce Rauner continue to battle over what's best for Illinois’ future.

The top candidates faced off in two televised debates. The focus of last night’s debate was mostly African American voters - and the issues they’ll be thinking about on Election Day.

Both candidates on stage at the DuSable Museum realized the importance of this voting block.

My investments and my donations to the African American community have totaled 10s of millions of dollars.
--- Republican candidate Bruce Rauner &

Both major party candidates for governor say Illinois should put more money into education. But neither is ready to embrace a controversial plan that would change how state money is distributed to schools.

A proposal passed by the state senate is meant to even out how much money schools have to operate. Schools where poverty is high and property values are low would get more state funding by cutting money for wealthier districts.

Supporters say the change is fair. Gov. Pat Quinn isn't on board.

There’s a tug-o-war going on in Southern Illinois over how the state cares for its neediest citizens. It’s playing out along a ribbon of small towns almost 300 miles south of Chicago. But the outcome will determine  the future for many Illinois citizens with disabilities.

As part of our Hey Gov political series, we’re out to find what happens when local needs bump up against the broader  goals of state government.

State Representative Charlie Meier is a farmer by birth - he tends 14 hundred acres with just one hired hand. &

Democrat Pat Quinn and Republican Bruce Rauner will meet for their first true debate of the Illinois governor's race. The candidates are scheduled to face off tonight in Peoria.

WNIJ will carry this debate live starting at 8 o’clock tonight. at 89.5 FM. You can add your thoughts via Twitter, using #ILGov2014


Illinois governor Pat Quinn announced a 51-acre expansion to Starved Rock State Park. The land will provide additional wildlife space and serve as a buffer to protect the park.

The project is funded by the Illinois Jobs Now program created by Quinn.

This week, Michelle Obama and Gloria Steinem are scheduled to campaign for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. But over the weekend, actor Martin Sheen lent a hand.

According to the trade magazine "Variety," Sheen made as much as 300-thousand dollars an episode for his role as Democratic Pres. Jeb Bartlet in the show "West Wing." He says he was paid nothing fundraise for Quinn and call for an increase in minimum wage. &

Republican candidate for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has been asked repeatedly by reporters about Trans Health Care. That’s a group of nursing homes with ties to Rauner’s namesake venture capital firm.

Here’s what Rauner had to say about the nursing home trial - when asked by reporters Monday.

I hope and believe that there wasn’t any wrongdoing done anywhere. If there was, it should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
--- Republican Bruce Rauner, gubernatorial candidate

Illinois Governor Candidates Spar Over Taxes

Sep 30, 2014 &

Republican Bruce Rauner says eventually he wants to cut Illinois’ income tax rate from 5 percent to 3 percent. But he says that might not happen right away because taxes are scheduled to drop to 3.75 percent in January.

Rauner indicated that might be too much, too soon. So he recognizes lawmakers might have to temporarily raise taxes above 3.75 next year.

There’s a possibility. We need to look at all the taxes, the entire tax code.
--- Republican Bruce Rauner, gubernatorial candidate

Governor Pat Quinn this week vetoed legislation aimed at increasing the speed limit to 70 miles-an-hour on suburban interstates.

Quinn, Rauner Agree To 3 Debates

Aug 20, 2014 &

The Illinois candidates for governor have agreed to three debates, all of which will take place in October.