Illinois coal


Thousands of former coal workers and dependents who worked for now-bankrupt coal companies could lose their health insurance at the end of the year if Congress does not pass legislation to fund it.

Retirees in southern Illinois say losing their health insurance would amount to a broken promise from the coal companies that would have devastating effects to their well-being. Without Congressional action, Republican president-elect Donald Trump’s promise to repeal of the Affordable Care Act makes the retirees’ coverage alternatives uncertain.

Coal Curriculum To Continue In Illinois Schools

Apr 4, 2014
Dept. of Energy

A group of lawmakers don't like the idea that Illinois students are forced to learn how great coal is.  But they failed in an effort to take that requirement out of state law.

Rep. David Harris, R-Arlington Heights, says the legislation would prevent the state from doing anything to promote coal.

"Well if you're from Southern Illinois, let me tell you something: this is an attack on coal," Harris said.

Rep. Deborah Conroy, D-Elmhurst, says Illinois has a lot of energy sources -- wind, nuclear, even geothermal -- and shouldn't promote just one.