Illinois lottery

Illinois Lottery

Illinois Lottery officials say they support a short-term budget proposed by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner because it would pay lottery winners.

The state of Illinois remains without a budget after Rauner and Democratic leaders couldn't come to an agreement. Last year lottery winners sued when the state withheld winnings because of lack of a budget.

A patchwork plan allowed lottery winners to eventually be paid but it expires June 30, the end of the budget year.

Richard Goldberg will replace Mike Zolnierowicz as chief of staff for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner at the end of the month. In his new role, Goldberg effectively will be in charge of day-to-day government operations.

“No one will work harder to fix the State than Richard. He is extremely smart, loyal and relentless,” Rauner said. “Richard has my full support and trust. I know he will do a great job in his role.”

Illinois Lottery

A pilot program allowing the Illinois Lottery to sell tickets online will expire before the end of the month.

There's no time for lawmakers to keep the program alive before then. The House adjourned until April.

Republican Rep. Ed Sullivan from Lake County sponsored a measure to make the pilot program permanent.

"Because it's a process that has done well," Sullivan said, "and it's done well for bringing money into our schools."

But Democrats prevented it from advancing.

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A new version of an Illinois Lottery game meant to raise money for Special Olympics sports training programs has been launched.

The Special Olympics Ticket costs $3 and offers four instant prizes of $50,000.

Net proceeds, after prize payouts and expenses, go to Special Olympics programs that serve more than 40,000 athletes in Illinois.

Illinois Lottery officials say the game is expected to raise about $1 million.

The Special Olympics Lottery game was created in 2014 by Illinois lawmakers.

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The Illinois Lottery will resume paying out big prizes, thanks to a partial budget just signed into law. 

But that won't be enough to end a class-action lawsuit.

The jackpot's been out of reach, even for Lottery players lucky enough to win $600 or more. Illinois suspended paying larger prizes because, without a budget, it didn't have the legal authority to do so.

Now the winners' wait is coming to an end.

Illinois Lottery Ticket Sales Plunge After Payout Delay

Nov 12, 2015
Illinois Lottery

Illinois Lottery ticket sales have plummeted since lottery officials announced delaying payouts over $600 because of the state budget impasse. 

Data obtained by The Associated Press through a public information request show that gross sales in October were the lowest yet in 2015. Sales include instant and Powerball tickets.  

Illinois Lottery

More Illinois Lottery prizewinners won't be able to reap their rewards immediately. The Lottery says claims will be paid only once a budget is passed.

The Illinois Lottery website has a press release, dated Aug. 13, 2015. It quotes Homer Glen resident Rhonda Rasche, who'd won $50,000 on a Crossword ticket, exclaiming "This is amazing! I can't believe it's happening to me!"

Rasche is still waiting on the cash, and is suing the state to get it.

Illinois Lottery Winners File Lawsuit Over Halted Payments

Sep 9, 2015
Illinois Lottery

Two lottery winners have filed a federal lawsuit against the Illinois Lottery, which stopped paying out large prizes because there's no state budget. 

The lawsuit filed Wednesday by Rhonda Rasche and Danny Chasteen seeks class action status. 

Rasche is awaiting a $50,000 payout. Chasteen won $250,000.  

Last month the state comptroller's office said that without a budget for the July 1 fiscal year, there wasn't authority to write checks over $25,000 and payments would be delayed.  

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The Illinois Lottery’s contract with a private management company is over. State officials announced Tuesday evening the contract with Northstar Lottery Group has been formally terminated.

Quinn Seeks End To Illinois Lottery Contract

Aug 15, 2014
Illinois Lottery

Governor Pat Quinn is working to end the contract with the private manager that runs the Illinois Lottery seven years ahead of schedule.