Illinois Republicans

courtesy Bob Pritchard / Facebook

About a dozen Illinois lawmakers have announced they are quitting or not running for re-election. That includes Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno, State Sen. Tim Bivins of Dixon, and State Rep. Bob Pritchard, who has represented the DeKalb area for 14 years. For this week’s Friday Forum, WNIJ’s Susan Stephens caught up with Pritchard while he was doing what he calls the best part of his job: hanging around with his constituents.

A leading Illinois Republican is encouraging the party faithful to vote -- even if they can’t stand the presidential nominee.

Top Republicans are in Springfield for an annual meeting.

“Obviously we’d be silly to say there’s not mixed feelings about the top of the ticket."

That’s State Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno.

“The great news is, though, the other side has the same problem."

Illinois GOP Convention Discusses Trump, Same-Sex Issues

May 23, 2016

Illinois Republicans discussed many topics in Peoria at their 2016 convention over the weekend.


Party leaders called for party unity behind the November GOP ticket, despite rarely mentioning presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s name. They also have a resounding, but divisive, answer to whether the state party platform includes an acceptance of same-sex marriages.