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Passengers that were supposed to go from O’Hare to Miami on Friday had to evacuate a flight before takeoff due to the plane catching fire. A federal investigator says engine pieces from the American Airlines plane that caught fire at O'Hare were found thousands of feet away.

Lorenda Ward, a National Transportation Safety Board senior investigator, confirms the fire was caused by engine failure. The specific cause of the engine failure has not yet been determined.

Ward says the fire started in a pool of fuel under the right wing of the Boeing 767.

WNIJ's Gas Price Monday: October 31, 2016

Oct 31, 2016
Carl Nelson/WNIJ

The average Illinois price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.18. This is a couple cents cheaper than last week's average and is lower than the national average, which is $2.21 per gallon.

AAA reports the most expensive gas can be found in the City of Chicago, at $2.56 per gallon. On the opposite token, the state's cheapest gas can be found in Springfield; the average per-gallon price there is $2.03.  

State Report Card Shows Students Fall Short Of Academic Benchmarks

Oct 31, 2016
State of Illinois

The Illinois State Board of Education releases its 2016 report cards today. They analyze how well the state’s public schools are educating Illinois students. 

More than 60 percent of students failed to meet state benchmarks in math and English. That’s according to results from the second year using the standardized test known as PARCC.

Board of Education analyst John Barker says PARCC gives Illinois a clearer picture of the state’s challenges.


Illinois State Board of Elections officials say more than 6 percent of Illinois' record 8 million active registered voters have already cast their ballots with a little more than a week to go until Election Day.

The Springfield bureau of Lee Enterprises newspapers reports more than 485,400 Illinois residents had voted in the Nov. 8 election as of Thursday morning either by mail, in person or using grace period registration, which allows people to register and cast their ballots simultaneously.

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Regulators have suspended the license of an Illinois doctor known as "Dr. Million Pills" for lavishly prescribing opioid painkillers without examining patients.

Illinois regulators on Friday pulled the license of Dr. William J. McMahon. The order says patients filled prescriptions up to 200 miles from his suburban Chicago clinic.

Investigators learned one patient was running a crew of people into the doctor's office to get pills to sell. The scheme allegedly involved Joseph Giacchino, a former doctor whose license was revoked in 2011.