A judge has ordered Illinois health officials to reconsider their decision not to include migraine headaches on the list of conditions that qualify for use of medical marijuana in the state.

The Chicago Tribune reports that a Cook County judge overturned Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Nirav Shah's denial of a petition to add migraines to the list.

The court ruling was in response to a suit filed by an unidentified man who has already been using marijuana to treat his headaches.

Illinois Supreme Court

The Illinois Supreme Court has agreed to quickly consider a case challenging the constitutionality of a ballot measure that could change the way Illinois draws political boundaries.

The court granted an emergency motion for direct appeal Friday, two days after a Cook County judge ruled the proposal didn't meet narrow constitutional requirements.

A group called the Independent Map Amendment sought an expedited appeal because of an Aug. 26 deadline to get on November's ballot.

Katie Finlon / WNIJ

A local living history museum hosted a children’s camp for the last two weeks. But they’re also looking for – and found – some artifacts that could provide a clearer look at life in northeastern Illinois in the 1840s.

Joseph Coleman is getting some hot coals ready for a blacksmith demonstration at a children’s camp at The Garfield Farm and Museum in Campton Hills. He’s dressed in clothing standard to the time period and explained the significance of the property – past and present.

"Corn" by Flickr User Miroslav Vajdic / (CC X 2.0)

Meteorologists and atmospheric researchers say the Midwest's first dangerous bout of heat and humidity this summer is partly to blame on moisture piped out of the ground and into the atmosphere by the increasing acreage of corn crops reaching their peak.

That muggy air gets blown around the country, even enveloping urban areas, like Chicago and Minneapolis.

The phenomenon spawned playful banter on social media this week about the menace of "corn sweat."

Hackers Access Illinois Voter Registration Database

Jul 21, 2016
"Keyboard" By Flickr User Jeroen Bennink / (CC BY 2.0)

Illinois election officials say hackers attacked the state's voter registration system last week and it was shut off as a precaution. 

The Springfield bureau of Lee Enterprises newspapers reports the cyberattack happened July 13 and the voter system was shut off as a precaution on July 13.

The board's general counsel, Ken Menzel, said hackers found "a chink in the armor in one small data field in the online registration system."

Menzel says the board is analyzing tracks left by the attack and isn't ready to say what information may have been accessed.