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A recent survey shows that Illinois residents carry the 14th highest amount of student debt among all 50 states.

The study, compiled by WalletHub, based its rankings on two general sets of data. The first set relates directly to student debt, such as debt’s share of student income, as well as how many debts have gone into default. The other set of data measured potential ways to alleviate this debt, such as availability of student jobs, grants, and paid internships.

Jessie Schlacks / WNIJ

Statistics show that violent crime in the city of Rockford has dipped over time, but perception doesn’t always match data. On this week’s Friday Forum, WNIJ’s Jessie Schlacks looks at frontline efforts to fight crime in the city:

Safety Starts At Home

“...Or you can put it on the window. When you raise the window, it breaks it, so that would give the ‘wooh’ real loud noise, and hopefully scare the intruder away. Those are only like nine bucks.”

“Yeah, but that’s perfect.”

Former Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock's attorneys accuse federal investigators of misconduct in their probe of the Republican and want the charges against him dismissed.

In a motion filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court, Schock's lawyers claim prosecutors made false and misleading statements of fact to witnesses concerning Schock's conduct. They say the statements influenced witness testimony and the grand jury's understanding of the charges they were asked to bring.

"The Fireball" by Flickr User PJ Nelson / (CC X 2.0)

The state of Illinois says it's in the process of lifting its suspension of the operation of amusement rides similar to the one involved in a deadly accident at the Ohio State Fair.

The Illinois Department of Labor on Tuesday said the suspension, however, remains on the “Fire Ball'' ride. That ride killed one man and injured seven other people when it broke at the Ohio fair last week.

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Illinois consumers who buy coverage through the Affordable Care Act exchange could see prices increase by as much as 43 percent next year.

The Chicago Tribune reports that several health insurance carriers proposed double-digit increases in rates released Thursday under what's often referred to as the “Obamacare'' exchange. Health Alliance Medical Plans, which offered coverage mostly in central and southern Illinois this year, is proposing rate increases of as much as 43 percent.