A state lawmaker from Chicago has announced a plan to raise Illinois' minimum wage to $15 by 2022.

Democratic Rep. Will Guzzardi told reporters Monday he'll file legislation within days to incrementally increase the rate over five years. The first hike would bring the $8.25 rate to $9 by 2018.

Guzzardi says it'll improve Illinois' business climate and the plan will include tax help for small businesses.

Winnebago County Forest Preserves

Dragonflies and damselflies have been around about 300-million-years -- long before dinosaurs.

The small, colorful creatures are a big presence among northern Illinois wildlife.

The Winnebago County Forest Preserves is holding a workshop where experts will share knowledge about these insects.

Jamie Johannsen, with the Forest Preserves, says people don’t need to be well-versed in environmental science to participate.

Katie Finlon / WNIJ

Band students from DeKalb High School will make their way to the Emerald Isle Sunday. That’s because they will be one of several bands marching in the Dublin, Ireland Saint Patrick’s Day parade next week.

DeKalb High School band students began their rehearsal outside. It was about 35 degrees, and they marched several times around the perimeter of the high school.

Jenna Dooley

Governor Bruce Rauner is predicting companies would flee the state if Illinois changed its income tax structure.

Currently the personal income tax rate is 3.75 percent.

Some Democratic candidates for governor are starting to campaign on changing to a graduated income tax rate - so wealthy people pay more.

Rauner says that proposal would result in business owners leaving Illinois.

If we double their tax rate, which could happen under some sort of a graduated scheme, we’ll see the flood of businesses go to a torrent out of Illinois.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's office has filed paperwork to ensure a new deputy governor isn't paid from an insurance fund that is $4 billion behind on medical payments.

And Rauner is accusing Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza of leaking what he calls "a false story" about his administration.

“The fact that this is even a topic just shows the political spin that’s going on with the comptroller’s office. Mendoza has been on a mission to create a crisis -- we’ve stopped her on most of her instances so far,” Rauner said.