7:06 am
Tue January 8, 2013

Pension Overhaul Remains Up In The Air

State Representative Bob Prtichard

A proposed overhaul cleared a House committee Monday. But the full House adjourned for the day without taking action. Observers say legislative leaders are trying to round up of enough votes for the bill to pass.

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Guns In Illinois
1:23 pm
Tue December 11, 2012

Appeals Court Rejects Illinois Concealed-Carry Ban

A three-judge panel of the 7th District U.S. Court of Appeals today rejected the Illinois ban on carrying concealed weapons.

Combining appeals from federal district courts in central and southern Illinois, the 2-1 decision declares that the state failed to provide "more than merely a rational basis for believing that its uniquely sweeping ban is justified by an increase in public safety."

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6:10 am
Tue November 20, 2012

Regional Superintendents Studying Realignment

July 2015 is the target date for Illinois to close some regional offices of education. In the meantime, discussions are being held on which offices should absorb new territory.

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8:10 am
Tue October 9, 2012

Voter Registration Deadline Arrives

DeKalb County Clerk John Acardo

The deadline to register to vote in the November election has arrived. Voters can still cast their ballot after the October 9th deadline, but they will have vote early and not on election day. Voters must have lived in their precinct for at least a month before the election.

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7:03 am
Thu September 27, 2012

Northern Illinois Republican Promises Fight Over Medicaid Expansion

State Senator Dave Syverson

It appears Democratic leaders in Springfield will seek legislative approval for a Medicaid expansion under the nation's health care law. But a northern Illinois Republican says GOP lawmakers will put up a fight.

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6:39 am
Thu September 27, 2012

New Illinois Polls Show Growing Support For Gay Marriage, Dissatisfaction With Government

A new poll finds that 70-percent of Illinoisans think the state is heading in the wrong direction. Even stronger majorities favor term limits for state legislators. Another poll shows stronger support for gay marriage. 

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Public Safety
7:53 am
Thu September 20, 2012

ACLU Has Concerns About Post-9/11 Initiative

ACLU attorney Adam Schwartz

“Fusion” centers built after the 2001 terrorist attacks are intended to “fuse” various police agencies and objectives. It’s a place for local, state and federal law enforcement to jointly gather, share and store intelligence. But a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union alleges Illinois’ two fusion centers lack appropriate privacy safeguards.

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6:26 am
Wed September 19, 2012

Illinois Making Final Preparations For Video Gambling

State Senator Terry Link

State officials continue preparations for the launch of video gambling in Illinois establishments. The Illinois Gaming Board says it's testing a computerized monitoring system at various locations, including Rockford and Machesney Park.

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6:37 am
Tue September 18, 2012

GOP Says Quinn Isn't Moving Fast Enough On Medicaid Overhaul

Illinois will soon be scrutinizing the list of people on Medicaid to make sure they still qualify. But the eligibility checks won't begin until next year. That's led Republicans to say the Quinn administration is moving too slowly.

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10:30 am
Thu September 6, 2012

DeKalb County Reports First West Nile Virus Case

The first case of West Nile virus in DeKalb County has been reported to the county health department.  A 59-year-old male county resident was diagnosed recently, a department spokesperson said.

“This is not unexpected,” said Jane Lux, Public Health Administrator at the DeKalb County Health Department, “due to the fact that there have been cases diagnosed throughout Illinois and the United States, and we know that mosquitoes in our area are infected.”

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