A complaint before the state board of elections against State Sen. Sam McCann has been dropped for technical reasons, but that's not the end of the story.

Attorney Dan Fultz, who represents the Jacksonville man who filed the complaint, says a new one is coming. He says the re-filing will contain new allegations, but wouldn't give specifics. 

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A village official in Cary says America’s first drive-through-only Burger King that opened last week may be a game changer – for the community and restaurant chains.

The fast-food chain approached the Cary village board last year with the drive-through-only concept as a solution for working with more challenging development sites. That’s according to Brian Simmons, the village’s community development director.

Thousands Of DeKalb Residents Have Electric Bill Error

Sep 6, 2016
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The city’s public works department received notification that the city’s electrical aggregate supplier incorrectly billed nearly 6,000 customers.

Rates with Homefield Energy were supposed to drop, but the company’s billing software did not update the new billing rate.

That’s according to the city’s public works director Tim Holdeman.

“They did not properly change the rate to the lower rate. And that was for the month of July and August," Holdeman said. "Then we caught it here early in September."

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A law recently signed by Governor Bruce Rauner will make it easier for Illinois residents to access family members' social media accounts after they die.



The legislation requires that tech companies, such as Facebook, offer users a chance to name a beneficiary who would be given access to the account after they die or become incapacitated.


Hillside Democratic Representative Chris Welch sponsored the law. 


"Monarch Butterfly" By Flickr User Paul Stein / (CC X 2.0)

Butterfly observers in Illinois are seeing a phenomenon this year that is playing out nationally: As the monarch starts its near-3,000-mile winter migration from Canada to Mexico, their observed numbers were extremely low.

Chicago Academy of Sciences chief curator Doug Taron tells The Chicago Tribune the monarch is "the second or third most common species" of butterfly that observers record, but that this year, it's the "seventh."