Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs is keeping secret the results of an investigation into his predecessor. 

Former Treasurer Dan Rutherford’s political career imploded after an employee accused him of sexual harassment and political intimidation.

Rutherford, a Republican, denied the allegations and hired a former IRS investigator to look into the charges. He said he’d release the results of that $27,000 investigation — taxpayer funded — but later backtracked, citing the advice of attorneys to keep it secret.

Office of the Illinois Attorney General

Unions and others fighting to prevent Illinois' pension law from taking effect are asking the state Supreme Court to ease up on its accelerated timeline. 

A Sangamon County judge ruled the measure unconstitutional. But Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed paperwork earlier this month that says the state can use "police powers" to cut pensions.

Ten other groups filed briefs backing Madigan’s position. 

John Fitzgerald is an attorney who represents retired public school teachers. He says lawyers need more time to respond to all of those additional arguments.

state of Illinois

The Illinois Department of Revenue has new rules this year to target the collection of sales taxes from out-of-state businesses. 

The new rules that took effect January 1st expand the definition of out-of-state retailers who must register in Illinois and collect sales taxes.

Lawmakers revised the rules last year after the state Supreme Court ruled previous rules singled out online sellers, which violated federal laws. The new rules dropped the word “Internet” and now cover catalog, mail-order and similar retailers, along with online sellers.

State Says Tax Refunds May Be Delayed

Jan 20, 2015
State of Illinois

Illinois residents shouldn't expect speedy state income tax refunds this year. 

The state Revenue Department says they'll be delayed by new security measures meant to deter identity theft and fraud.

Officials say it could take a week or longer, instead of days, to get returns once taxes are filed. Both paper and electronic filings will be affected, though e-filings still will be quicker.

Officials aren't identifying the safety measures to prevent someone from bypassing them.

Rauner Signs Minorities, Veterans Order

Jan 20, 2015

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed an executive order requiring state agencies and contractors to report how many minorities and veterans are in training and apprentice programs. 

Rauner signed the order yesterday after participating in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day service event.

The measure applies to labor organizations, contractors and subcontractors. They all must report the information within 30 days.

During his campaign, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner continually blamed "union bosses" for contributing to the state's financial woes. 

Now he's making direct appeals to workers. 

It wasn't just the campaign; during his inaugural address, Rauner touched again on what labor leaders consider an anti-union theme. He said Illinois has an ethical crisis because taxpayers “see government union bosses negotiating sweetheart deals across the table from governors they've spent tens of millions of dollars to help elect."

DCFS Gets New Interim Director

Jan 19, 2015

The state agency charged with protecting vulnerable children gets a new interim director today. 

Governor Bruce Rauner is still searching for a permanent director of Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services. 

Cynthia Tate takes over DCFS today on an interim basis while a search for a permanent director continues. She replaces Bobbie Gregg - who hadn’t even been on the job for a year.

Gregg was the latest in a string of directors for the troubled agency - which has been criticized for neglecting youth in its care. 

state of Illinois

The Illinois Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer and appointed Comptroller used their post-inaugural remarks to highlighted the accomplishments and goals after Gov. Bruce Rauner's inauguration Monday.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan said she speaks for families and communities and helps them fight against identity theft and data breaches. The Democrat said trying to fight for equality for Illinois citizens is why she takes the oath of office.

Quinn Issues Three Executive Orders

Jan 13, 2015

Right before leaving the governorship, Pat Quinn quietly issued three executive orders on the minimum wage, tax returns and public access to data.

Quinn's office didn't publicly announce the orders yesterday, but they were posted online later.

One order requires state vendors and subcontractors to pay a $10 minimum wage, which is more than the state's $8.25 rate. Another requires governors to make income tax returns public on or before May every year. The third requires the state to make data from agencies publicly available through an online portal.


The president of the Illinois Senate is continuing to withhold a piece of legislation from Gov. Pat Quinn.

At the tail end of its session, the General Assembly rushed to pass a measure that makes it easier for Illinois' big utilities--Ameren and Commonwealth Edison--to charge more for delivering power.

The companies say it's necessary so they can continue to improve the electric grid. But legislators' quick action came to an abrupt halt when Senate President John Cullerton used a parliamentary maneuver to keep the measure from going to Gov. Quinn.