The Illinois Supreme Court struck  down a law Thursday  that cut civil juries in half and hiked their pay.  

When lawmakers passed the measure in 2014, they argued that having fewer jurors made the higher pay affordable.

But critics say it was a thinly-veiled parting gift from state Democrats to to trial lawyers.

The thought is that smaller juries would be prone to paying out higher awards in personal injury cases.

Doctor Tom Anderson is president of the Illinois State Medical Society.

Judge, not jury, will decide McCullough sexual assault case

Apr 9, 2012
photo: wikipedia

A DeKalb County judge will rule in a fifty-year-old rape case. Jury selection was expected Monday in the trial of  Jack McCullough, but he opted to forgo the jury trial for a bench trial. He's the Washington-state man accused of sexually assaulting a northern Illinois girl decades ago.