LaSalle County

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Tighter controls are recommended for a checking account controlled by the LaSalle County State's Attorney's Office.

The account, which holds proceeds from drug forfeitures within the county, has been under scrutiny following allegations that former State's Attorney Brian Towne's administration used the funds improperly.

Election cycles always mean a turnover in county officials. Some of these new public servants may see this as a clean slate, but many have to deal with issues from a previous administration. 

The new LaSalle County State's Attorney campaigned against and eventually shut down a program established by the person she defeated for the job. 


The Illinois Supreme Court has agreed to review the Rock Island Clean Line project.  

The proposed power line would transmit electricity generated from wind farms beginning in northwest Iowa through Illinois' Bureau and LaSalle counties.

Starved Rock State Park

Conservation police are expected to issue a record amount of tickets at Starved Rock State Park.  

The LaSalle News-Tribune reports the previous record was 1,484 tickets in 2014.  Now, officials say they're  on pace to issue 1,568, more than three times the total in an average year. 

 The company behind the Rock Island Clean Line plans to appeal their case to the Illinois Supreme Court.

The project would transmit electricity from northwest Iowa to a converter station in Grundy County.  Parent company Clean Line Energy wanted to use eminent domain to secure property for the project in LaSalle County.