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Illinois law requires that a contribution worth $1,000 or more has to be reported to the State Board of Elections.  And if it's just before an election, it has to happen right away.

After spending nearly $65 million, Gov. Bruce Rauner's campaign has been assessed for a report that was received late, according to director Steve Sandvoss, who says he can't give details.

"In light of fairness to the respondent and due fairness principles, we don't comment publicly on the nature of an ongoing proceeding,” he said, “but rather, we'll let the process bear itself out.

Artigras Parade Kicks Off Arts Celebration

7 hours ago
Carl Nelson / WNIJ

Mix the visual and performing arts with a gorgeous spring afternoon outdoors. Add a lot of color and an evening of music and you've got Artigras.

The art-themed parade is a first for Northern Illinois University and DeKalb. It started in downtown DeKalb Saturday afternoon and made its way to NIU's art building. Post-parade music included concerts by the NIU Steel Band, the university's ukulele ensemble, and the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra.                                             


Federal lawmakers from Illinois and Missouri want the Obama Administration to scrap a proposed rule defining so-called “Waters of the United States.” They say the proposal gives the federal government too much control over water in yards and on farms.

Missouri Republican Vicky Hartzler is one of several lawmakers co-sponsoring legislation to block the new rule. Illinois U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis also is a sponsor for the bill.


  Abraham Lincoln's hometown re-enacted his burial 150 years later in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield. 

A funeral procession made its way through the streets of the capital city this weekend. It was replete with men wearing Civil War soldiers’ costumes and women in hoop skirts carrying black mourning parasols. 

There also were replicas of the ornate coffin, hearse and train car that carried the 16th president's body. 

The Illinois National Guard's leader, Adjutant General Daniel Krumrei, says the guard is headquartered at Camp Lincoln in Springfield.


A group of social service advocates is out with a report looking at how northern Illinois would be affected by Governor Bruce Rauner’s proposed budget cuts. The RAMP Center for Independent Living is one of the agencies involved in the Responsible Budget Coalition’s analysis. 

It’s not a direct budget cut for RAMP; it’s a proposal to reduce the number of clients served by its Home Services Program by making it more difficult to qualify.

Non-Workers Pose Vexing Problems

14 hours ago

Economists are distinguished by the ability to find bad news where others see good news.  In the old debate over whether the glass is half empty or half full, an economist would suspect that the glass is leaking and the water is polluted anyway. 

But we dare not dismiss a troubling signal in an otherwise improving economic situation. 

Vets Try To Calm Fears Of Canine Influenza

May 1, 2015
flickr user / Derek Bridges "Leashed Dog" (CC BY 2.0) / http://bit.ly/1OMXJUE

Veterinarians in northern Illinois are putting residents at ease over recent reports of dog flu in the Chicago area.

Dr. David Emmert, of Prairie View Animal Hospital in DeKalb, says most dogs don’t need to be vaccinated for the dog flu.

“You know we’re really trying to address all those on a case-by-case basis because the media hype has generated a little bit of panic among some pet owners.”

Emmert says pet owners should consider the factors of their dogs’ interaction with other dogs.

Students Urged To Donate College Clutter

May 1, 2015

NIU and Goodwill want to collect gently used items from students during their move-out, which runs from now until May 11th.

Donation bins are set outside the residence halls as an easy and free clean-up solution.  

The donation drive encourages students to do something good by donating their unwanted items to reduce waste and boost existing sustainability practices on campus.

Where Is Ex-Rep. Aaron Schock?

May 1, 2015

An attorney pursuing a federal lawsuit against former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock of Peoria says he can’t find the beleaguered Republican ex-lawmaker to serve him in the civil case.

Daniel Kurowski filed the lawsuit on April 15 on behalf of Chicago resident Howard Foster, who donated $500 to Schock’s campaign in 2012. Kurowski told U.S. District Judge Andrea Wood that he has been unable to locate Schock to serve papers.

Flickr user Tim (Timothy) Pearce / "Prison cell with bed inside Alcatraz main building san francisco california" (CC BY 2.0)

  Illinois Department of Corrections officials say they still do not know when they will have enough beds to care for prisoners with mental illnesses.

The prison system has been in a legal battle over mental health care since 2007.

Late last year the state submitted a remedial plan to a federal judge, but prisoners suing say the department isn’t following it.

In a new court filing, the state says it still doesn’t know when all 12 hundred beds required will be added.

Jennifer Vollen Katz is with prison watchdog The John Howard Association.