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The annual Illinois Snow Sculpting competition in Rockford has been postponed. That’s despite Rockford Park District efforts to bring in snow machines for the competition.

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The annual Rainbow Push Martin Luther King breakfast in Chicago is always full of current and hopeful future politicians.

And this year, possible candidates for governor were looking to shake a few voters’ hands. 

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has said he’ll run again; he kicked off the breakfast with a bill signing.

State Senator Kwame Raoul was thought to be a possible Democratic challenger - he was spotted taking another potential candidate, Chris Kennedy, around the room.

Kennedy says he’s still thinking about running.

An Illinois lawmaker who represents a large number of state employees is once again challenging Republican Governor Bruce Rauner to personally negotiate with AFSCME, the state’s largest government union.

The union members will vote this month on authorizing a strike. AFSCME and the Rauner Administration have failed to reach agreement on a new contract. 

Democratic state senator Andy Manar of Bunker Hill says the governor needs to take steps to avoid a strike or a lockout.  

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Illinois Senate leaders are hoping to move swiftly on their pledge to advance a state-budget compromise by month's end.

The Democratic-controlled chamber has assigned 13 pieces of legislation for committee hearings that aim to break the two-year budget deadlock between legislative Democrats and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.

The proposals include an income tax increase and a hike in the minimum wage, but also attempt to satisfy Rauner's pro-business agenda with a property-tax freeze and restrictions on workers' compensation awards.

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Illinois elementary schools and day care centers will have to test drinking water sources for lead under legislation that Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed.

Rauner signed the measure Monday with civil rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson in attendance. Rauner says the new law "is a step in protecting our children from the devastating effects of lead exposure." Jackson called it a "life-saving bill."