Lou Ness

Your Tax Dollar At Work

Mar 30, 2017

My friend was bemoaning the cost of his ride in an ambulance from one hospital to another. He wanted his sister to drive him.

“Can you believe it?” he asked after sharing the price of lights and sirens.  “I could have had my sister take me for nothing.” 

Yes, that’s true. Of course, what he paid for was trained paramedics (3), medication, life-safety equipment, the professional driver trained to get you to your destination without an untimely accident, and more. Need I go on?

This was his tax dollar at work, for him. 

This Is How It Begins ...

Mar 2, 2017

Two years ago, I was leaning against a guard rail in Ohio along Route 30. The sun was warm, and I was back on the road again in what would turn out to be a 935.5-mile walk from Rockford to Washington, D.C.

I was reading the gospel for the day -- and waiting for the Spirit to give me new insights. Hmmm … Be careful what you wish for.

The reading was the woman at the well. Maybe you know this one: Jesus comes to the small town and is tired; he sits down by the well and, as a Samaritan woman comes to draw water, Jesus says, “Will you give me a drink?”

A Very Cold Fact About Winter

Feb 2, 2017

Winter. I love winter. I have always loved winter. The snow and cold, the blustery wind tearing around corners and sending chills through a slip of space in my scarf. I walk with joy in winter; I am often outside.

However, winter also chills my heart, because I know that men and women who call the streets home live in cold, dirty and mean surroundings. It brings a different kind of dread for the folks wrapped in layers of worn and tattered clothing.

A Resolution For All Year Long

Jan 5, 2017

As we send 2016 packing, people will resolve to do a great many things. Still, by February 1, most of us will have left these resolutions behind -- tossing them away, litter on the side of the road: matted, sullied and forgotten. It’s easier to say something than it is to do something.

Me, I make the same resolution each year, and it has given me a life full of joy. Each year I resolve to see myself as whole, complete, naturally creative and resourceful, capable of anything.

Maybe If I Tie A String ...

Dec 8, 2016

Everyone has had that feeling. You know … the one that goes like this: “Now where did I put my keys?” Or this one: “I know I just put the remote on the table!”

Gone! The items vanish and, if I am lucky, they will simply appear and in short time.

Last Monday, I lost my wallet. Everything I use to negotiate my everyday life was in that wallet. Driver’s license, credit cards, VA identification, Medicare, and the list goes on and on. Thankfully there was no cash. I have not used cash in decades. I lean on my plastic.