Lou Ness

Finding Oneself In Emptiness

Aug 6, 2015

Last week a friend asked, “How is retirement?” I remarked, “I have the cleanest closets in Woodstock.”

There is a surreal feel to this moment, because it is only a moment. I will work again. I can feel something emerging and I know, if I can be patient enough, it will reveal itself to me. I want to be complete with my time at Shelter Care, wrap all the loose ends together, and open myself to the next great adventure.

Doing nothing is not a strong suit for me – I am a doer; I do things.

Putting The 'Gay' Back In Gay

Jul 16, 2015

The jubilant tones are heard across the nation: The Supreme Court has ruled marriage is an equal opportunity event for all couples!

Not everyone is lifting their voice in song. Evangelical Christians are lamenting the doom that will occur as homosexual love taints the religious shield of marriage. Feminists are wondering how their gay brothers and sisters jumped on marriage, the institution that patriarchy designed to hold women and children as property.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Jun 29, 2015

I believe in saying when something’s not working, and I believe in giving credit when it’s due.

Wednesday, June 24, I attended the swearing-in and promotion ceremony for the Rockford Police Department. Seven new recruits and seven veteran officers and two other officers were recognized for their commitment and dedication to the community.

It's All About The Budget Bout

Jun 18, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner we have first-time contender Bruce Rauner, Governor of the great State of Illinois. In the opposing corner, we have Mike Madigan, Speaker of the House and long-time seasoned fighter …

The bell sounds and they move to the center of the ring -- jabbing, ducking and swinging.

I am not sure what round we are in, what I do know is the match is not over and Illinois is without a state budget with the new fiscal year only a couple of weeks days away.

A Woman Of A Certain Age ...

May 28, 2015

I am aging. I have fears about old age.

As I look around me, youth wins the day while older people obsess over wrinkle creams, anti-aging products and Viagra working to “keep up appearances” … and other things.

Aging in America is tough.

It’s not that I thought I would outrun aging (the alternative is…) I did think it would look better, kinder and have hidden virtues that I would grow to cherish and value as the things of youth were replaced with the wisdom of age.

When Waiting Becomes Wondering

May 14, 2015

I am waiting.

It feels as though I spend most of my life waiting.

It's an art, really. We have whole rooms assigned for people who are waiting ... and waiting. It is often masked with coffee, snacks, TV, magazines and dreamy bland music; underneath, it’s still … waiting.

Funny how something as common as waiting can change a normally calm person into an impatient, angry creature skulking in chairs … their frustration growing with each minute of waiting.

I am all about getting on with it; so waiting, for me, is a waste of time.

Hey! We're All In The Same Boat!

Apr 28, 2015

Let me tell you a story:

Two men sit opposite each other in a row boat. One man reaches under his seat and drills a hole in the bottom of the boat. The other man shouts, “Hey, what are you doing?” The man drilling the hole responds, “Mind your own business the hole is on my side of the boat!” They watch as the boat fills up and soon they both drown.

I was befuddled by Florida and Wisconsin, where officials are working to pass legislation that will eliminate the phrase, “global warming and climate change” from all state-driven material. Really?

Looking Forward To The Promise Of Spring

Apr 10, 2015

When I was young Holy Week was like Holy Year – something to be dreaded and feared in the hearts of us children. “Christ suffered and so shall you!” my mother could be heard shouting to any child who dared smile or look happy.

Thankfully, I no longer view the world through this lens; rather I see life is waiting to emerge from the assumed death of winter. The days lengthen as the edges of darkness soften and we ready for Spring.

Finding Heroes Around Us

Mar 27, 2015

  Where are the Superheroes?

I can still see myself in a corner of my room reading my favorite comic books. Superman was the first and best. I devoured all things superheroes.

Today, I devour Captain America, the Avengers, X-Men -- Superman has fallen to the back of the line.

Superheroes have superhuman powers derived from a mysterious source. They use those powers for good, protecting all of us mere mortals.

Is It Really About The Numbers?

Mar 9, 2015

For Illinois, it’s all about the numbers…Bruce Rauner spent 65.3 million dollars to win his bid for governor or approximately $36.00 per vote.

Of the $65.3 million spent in the campaign, Rauner wrote a personal check for $27.6 million from his own checking account.

Governor Rauner has an estimated wealth of $500 million plus some loose change. Be assured, I am not bashing people who are wealthy.