A former DeKalb schools superintendent was arrested at his Elgin home today, accused of sending explicit photos of a person without consent.

Police executed an arrest warrant Thursday for former DeKalb schools superintendent Doug Moeller.

The district had placed Moeller on paid leave in the fall of 2016, shortly after a former principal sought an order of protection against him for alleged sexual harassment. He was dismissed the following April.

Matthew Apgar / Daily Chronicle

DeKalb County Judge Robbin Stuckert denied a petition requesting to void a guilty plea for the man convicted of killing Northern Illinois University student Toni Keller.

Judge Stuckert ruled in her 11-page opinion there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that William Curl’s rights were infringed upon throughout the case.

Curl’s lawyer previously argued he had inadequate legal representation before and was not in his right mind when questioned by police. Curl claimed prosecutors coerced him into the guilty plea because they threatened to also charge his son in Keller’s murder.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin has voiced his support for President Trump’s nominee for FBI Director.

In his statement of support for Christopher Wray, the Illinois Democrat expressed concern about the actions of President Trump in dismissing former FBI Director James Comey. But Durbin said he has confidence that Wray would remain independent, even under pressure from the White House.

Courtesy of the Obama Foundation

The Obama Presidential Center won't be a part of the presidential library network operated by the National Archives and Records Administration.

That move will free the Obama Foundation from amassing an endowment equivalent to 60 percent of the construction cost, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The foundation won't have to adhere to the agency's architectural and design standards, and it won't have to pay NARA to help run an agency-controlled portion of the center.


U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan says an investigation into Russia's election meddling and possible ties to the Trump campaign should remain right where it is - with the FBI and not with a special prosecutor.

Ryan stopped at a southern Wisconsin manufacturer Thursday where he promoted Republican tax-reform plans. The speaker says the investigation involves deeply classified intelligence activity and should not be turned over to independent investigators.