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Illinois Rules of the Road 2014

As Illinois transitions from the winter season to construction season, repair projects on two popular thoroughfares in northern Illinois are getting underway.

People who regularly travel Illinois 2 in Ogle County may want to look for an alternative over the next several months, starting Monday. 

Great Lakes Basin Railroad EIS Filing

Great Lakes Basin Transportation Inc. provided daily traffic estimates on segments of its proposed railroad.  

The project would run from Rock County, Wisconsin through six Illinois counties in order to bypass congested  Chicago freight lines.  

Former Ogle County Sheriff Charged With Theft

Oct 13, 2016

Former Ogle County Sheriff Michael Harn faces two felony theft charges from his time in office.

Court documents filed Wednesday allege he used Ogle County funds to purchase a variety of items for himself between June 2011 and December 2014.  The items range from boat equipment and party tents to personal auto maintenance and radio advertising.  The complaint also says Harn made the purchases under false pretenses by claiming they would be used by the Sheriff's Office.  

Federal Grant To Expand Rochelle's Rail Service

Sep 30, 2016
Flickr user Luke Jones / "Railroad Tracks" (CC V 2.0) http://bit.ly/2FudahT

Rochelle was awarded a $3.42 million grant through the federal Economic Development Administration.  

It's expected to provide about half the funds to expand the City of Rochelle Railroad further into Lee County.  

Flickr User Nadbasher/ CC 2.0

DeKalb County and several surrounding counties are recovering from a 9-1-1 service outage that occurred Tuesday evening. 

As of Thursday morning, DeKalb County is routing 9-1-1 calls through the Sheriff's Office. Officials say the line can only accept one 9-1-1 call at a time, so if callers receive a busy signal, they suggest retrying the number, or calling local law enforcement (numbers are below).  

The system also can't determine caller's addresses at the moment, so officials will be asking for that information upon receipt of calls.