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DeKalb County and several surrounding counties are recovering from a 9-1-1 service outage that occurred Tuesday evening. 

As of Thursday morning, DeKalb County is routing 9-1-1 calls through the Sheriff's Office. Officials say the line can only accept one 9-1-1 call at a time, so if callers receive a busy signal, they suggest retrying the number, or calling local law enforcement (numbers are below).  

The system also can't determine caller's addresses at the moment, so officials will be asking for that information upon receipt of calls. 

Lee-Ogle Enterprise Zone Is Approved

Sep 9, 2016

The  Illinois State Enterprise Zone Board recently approved the Lee-Ogle Enterprise Zone.  

The zone provides exemptions to a variety of business taxes, which would then promote economic development in the two counties.  The two counties were ranked sixth among 18 statewide applicants.  They competed for 12 vacant slots.  

Grubsteakers Reopens 17 Months After Tornado

Sep 7, 2016
Chase Cavanaugh/WNIJ

Grubsteakers was a popular highway stop at the intersection of Illinois 251 and Illinois 64 when it was devastated by a tornado on April 9 of last year. 

Owner Ava Mirtoska saved 11 people that night by herding them into the restaurant’s basement, and the location’s strong community connections motivated her to start anew.

"This is like a home for most of the regulars," she said, "and that’s one big reason I rebuilt it and went back into business." 

Today, Mirtoska opened the doors to a parking lot full of gracious clients.

Lee and Ogle County May Get New Enterprise Zone

Aug 5, 2016

Lee and Ogle County are one step closer to getting a new enterprise zone.   

The State Enterprise Zone Board released preliminary rankings this week on 18 counties applying for 12 new zones. 

Saukvalley.com reports Lee and Ogle Counties already have a zone but it expires next year.  The two counties placed sixth in the rankings, and if their application is accepted, they can both renew their zone and tweak it.  Tweaks would include reduce the zone's footprint while expanding into Rochelle and Dixon’s corporate limits. 

What Consolidation Means For Rural School Districts

Jun 6, 2016
Chase Cavanaugh/WNIJ

One of the quirks of Illinois public education is the fact that public elementary, middle, and high schools in a single city or county may be their own independent school district.

While some tout the advantages of greater local control, others argue this governing structure is inefficient. In the first of a two-part series, we examine the ways these separate entities may consolidate, starting with rural schools.