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State of Illinois

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner delivered his budget address for Fiscal Year 2019, which begins July 1, at a joint session of the Illinois General Assembly in Springfield.

He called for pension reforms, criminal-justice reform, and completion of a 200-bed veterans' home in Chicago -- in addition to adopting policies that will cut down on waste and unnecessary expense. He cited an example at the Governor's Mansion:

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Illinoisans continue to struggle along in the state with the “worst in the nation“ public pension system.    Now, the cries for reform are louder than ever as the deficit continues to snowball.

Illinois lawmakers have created a committee to address the state's 97-billion-dollar pension problem. The House and Senate agreed to form a bipartisan conference committee to tackle the nation’s largest state pension shortfall. 

state of Illinois

Illinois’ top public officials met behind closed doors today to discuss the state’s 100-billion dollar pension debt. And still - there is no clear compromise on pension reform.

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A new session of the Illinois General Assembly begins Wednesday, when candidates who won in November's elections take the oath of office. The outgoing class of legislators left the incoming one with quite a burden. On Tuesday, the previous General Assembly adjourned without doing anything to address the state's massive pension woes. However, there were some last minute attempts.