How Police Psychological Testing Works

Aug 29, 2016
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The psychological status of police officers has come into question after several police-involved shootings across the country in the last few months. But how does that type of screening for police officers work during the hiring process?

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Northern Illinois University police observed Women’s History Month by hosting an event called "Women of the Shield" that commemorated women officers rising through the ranks.

NIU officer Weyni Langdon says she didn’t see a lot of people that looked like her at the beginning of her career, but she had a lot of women police mentors that inspired her. She wanted to create this type of gathering for the DeKalb area after she attended something similar when she first started out as a police officer.

How Common Is 'White-Collar' Police Misconduct?

Nov 6, 2015
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Officials announced Fox Lake police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz staged his suicide as a homicide and he embezzled thousands of dollars from the department’s youth program. But how common is that kind of misconduct within law enforcement?

Misconduct of any kind happens everywhere and in every profession. It happens particularly with anyone who has access to a large fund.

That’s according to Jonathan Blanks, a research associate for the Cato Institute...a libertarian think tank.

NIU Today

Lake County officials are pushing to train local police officers to help reduce the number of repeat criminal offenders among those with mental illness.

The county board is expected to set aside $35,000 for a police training program at College of Lake County. The county also received a $1 million substance abuse and mental health grant to focus on early police intervention to stem repeat criminal behavior among mentally ill offenders.

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Starting Thursday, more than 150 people from all parts of the criminal justice system with gather at Washington University to ponder a radical remake of the way this country uses incarceration.