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Governor-elect Bruce Rauner stopped in Rockford Friday during his statewide "thank you" tour. 

Rep. La Shawn Ford Website

A judge sentenced an Illinois state representative to six months of probation for misdemeanor tax fraud.  WGN reports LaShawn Ford will also have to pay a $1,000 fine and repay the IRS more than $3,000. Prosecutors dropped numerous felony counts against the Chicago Democrat. 

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DeKalb County Clerk Doug Johnson said it’s time to work on fulfilling the promises he made.

The Sycamore Republican won his first elected four-year term as clerk on Tuesday. The Daily Chronicle reports Johnson is researching a ballot on-demand system that prints individual ballots at the polling place.


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Governor-elect Bruce Rauner has appointed his transition team: the group of advisers includes former Governor Jim Edgar, Congressman Aaron Schock, and former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley. 

State of Illinois

Illinois democrats are confident they maintained their veto-proof majority in the state House.

The party won a vast majority of races in Tuesday's election viewed as crucial to Speaker Michael Madigan retaining control.

Senate Democrats maintained their veto proof majority after losing only one seat.

Voter Turnout Increased For Illinois Counties

Nov 6, 2014
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Most counties in Illinois had about a 50 percent voter turnout during this election period. They include Winnebago, DeKalb, Boone and LaSalle.

Stephenson and McHenry counties are still awaiting results on voter turnout.

A combined 1,572,550 people from the counties listed above cast ballots on Election Day.

Margie Mullins, Winnebago County Clerk, was pleased with the number of people who voted on Tuesday.

Republicans are in control of the governor's mansion in Illinois for the first time since 2003. But Democrat Pat Quinn isn't prepared to throw in the towel just yet. 


Republicans in Illinois have something to be excited about Wednesday. Bruce Rauner has won the governor’s mansion--the first time a Republican has accomplished that in more than a decade.

But Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn isn’t ready yet to concede the election to Rauner.

For more than a year, Illinois voters have been absolutely bombarded with talk of  just how bad things are in the state. From financial chaos to mismanagement to uncertainty over billions in unpaid retirement bills--those lines were repeated over and over.

Illinois Treasurer Candidates Tied In Race

Nov 5, 2014
State of Illinois

Champaign Democrat Mike Frerichs says it may be a week before voters know who won the contest for Illinois treasurer. Frerichs and Republican Tom Cross both ended the day with about 48 per cent of the vote.

Frerichs told supporters on Tuesday night that he’s waiting for every last ballot to be counted.

“We find ourselves locked in a very close race.  A race that’s very unlikely to be decided this evening.  There are a lot of provisional ballots out there, there are mail-in ballots out there.  So, we are not done.  We have not given up yet.”

Durbin Re-Elected, Says Republican Senate Could Help Obama

Nov 5, 2014
durbin.senate.gov / senatoroberweis.com

Republicans are poised to take control of the U.S. Senate. Democratic Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, who won re-election Tuesday, says a change in party control could actually aid President Obama.

Durbin was among the few bright spot in an otherwise gloomy day for Democrats in the U.S. Senate. He won his fourth term by defeating Republican Jim Oberweis.

But Durbin’s fellow Democrats in other states didn’t fare as well. The GOP won more than enough seats to gain control of the Senate.

Durbin says that could force Republicans to work better with the President.