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Election cycles always mean a turnover in county officials. Some of these new public servants may see this as a clean slate, but many have to deal with issues from a previous administration. 

The new LaSalle County State's Attorney campaigned against and eventually shut down a program established by the person she defeated for the job. 

President Trump host Isreali Prime Minister Netanyahu
PBS NewsHour via YouTube

President Donald Trump hosted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House Wednesday. The two held a joint news conference, and NPR journalists with expertise in politics, national security, and the Middle East have annotated a transcript of their remarks.



Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient Tammy Duckworth – Illinois’s junior senator – is speaking out against President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

She says it amounts to a ban on Muslims and that it actually puts American troops overseas in harm’s way – by giving terrorist groups like ISIS a major recruitment tool.

Scott Desavouret / WNIJ

An unusually large crowd showed up at the DeKalb Public Library Thursday to let Congressman Adam Kinzinger know they are not happy with President Trump’s recent actions.  


This week’s WNIJ Friday Forum features two Congressmen who are entering their fourth terms representing parts of northern Illinois.