recall process

The Rock River Times

The Rockford City Council approved a resolution Monday that would allow residents to recall aldermen and mayors if they go against certain provisions that are part of a bid for home rule.

A referendum on the March 20 ballot asks Rockford residents to grant home rule authority. But the council already has approved provisions to limit how the city raises property taxes and takes on debt.

A Chicago-area lawmaker is pushing for a measure allowing the city's mayor to be recalled. Now some want to take it a step further. 

Democratic State Sen. Napoleon Harris of Harvey says he’s introducing a plan to:

"...make sure that everyone was held accountable, no matter what level of government that you're in. This goes for county, township, alderman, everyone."

A Republican is sponsoring a similar plan.

New recall proposals include one that would only apply to Chicago's mayor.

The recall election which Wisconsin's Republican governor survived Tuesday is a rare occurrence in the United States. Not even half the states have such a process.

Illinois only recently approved procedures to recall a sitting governor, but observers say it wouldn't be easy to do.