Rockford Deacon

Shelter Care Ministries

The director of a Rockford social service agency has completed a 900-mile walk to Washington D.C.

It was no April Fools' Day joke. Deacon Lou Ness has been walking every day since April First with a mission to make it to the nation's capital. It was part of an effort to raise awareness for poverty in local communities. She's the director of Rockford's Shelter Care Ministries. She finished what she started this weekend.

Shelter Care Ministries

The Reverend Lou Ness passed the halfway point on her journey to Washington D.C. This week, she passed through Pittsburgh and met with members of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.  She started her walk April First from Shelter Care Ministries in Rockford where she's the executive director.

Elizabeth Holmertz

Despite sore feet and colder temperatures, the Reverend Lou Ness is still walking. She's gone about 160 miles over the past two weeks. She started at Shelter Care Ministries in Rockford where she's the Executive Director.