The Rockford City Council approved a $325,000 plan to buy a temporary site for the city's  public library.  

The library’s current site at 215 N. Wyman Street sits on contaminated soil from a local coal-to-gas plant.  The necessary cleanup work by ComEd will require demolishing the building and constructing a new site.  

Library materials will move to 214 and 230 Church Street, formerly the site of the Winnebago County Resource Intervention Center, as well as the Comcast building.  

Rockford City Council Approves Police Labor Agreement

Aug 2, 2016
Rockford Police Department

Rockford’s city council last night unanimously approved a labor agreement with the city police. 

The measure provides a six-dollar, twenty-five cent hourly wage increase over the next three years, and insurance over the next four years.  12th Ward Alderman John Beck says the final vote was quite straightforward.

“I think it was a very fair agreement, and I appreciate that the police were willing to face the realities of what the city is facing as far as our financial situation, and weren’t asking for too much.  It made it a really easy process,” he said.

Officials in Rockford say a 12-year-old girl is in critical condition after being shot multiple times.


The Rockford Register Star reports that the girl was hospitalized Monday morning after the Sunday afternoon shooting.

Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea said officers are looking for occupants of a dark-colored sport coupe.

The vehicle was seen at about 3 p.m. Sunday chasing and its occupants opening fire on another vehicle.

Police say as many as five people were in the vehicle being chased.

Rockford-Area Schools Grateful For Stopgap K-12 Funding

Jul 1, 2016

The Illinois General Assembly passed -- and Gov. Bruce Rauner signed -- a stopgap budget Thursday which included larger-than-usual funding for public schools.  

Specifically, it provides a full year of funding for kindergarten through high school, as compared to just half a year for colleges and universities.

Rockford Skies: The Power Behind The Planes

Jun 30, 2016

At first glance, Rockford doesn’t seem like a place where aerospace would spring up.  Yes, it has an airport, but what morphed this northern Illinois city into a hub for critical aircraft components? 

  In this case, it was a matter of having the right equipment.  

“The machine tool businesses that were here at the time then helped grow that industry, helped enable us to manufacture those kinds of parts here.”