Rod Blagojevich

6:22 am
Thu December 26, 2013

Blagojevich Appeal Audio Now Online

Rod Blagojevich
Credit photo: wikipedia

On Dec.13, three judges in Chicago listened to an hour of oral arguments on the conviction of Blagojevich. Judge Frank Easterbrook interrupted prosecutors and asked tough questions about their case against the former governor. He cited the case of California Governor Earl Warren promising Dwight Eisenhower political support in exchange for an appointment to the Supreme Court should Eisenhower win the presidency.

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Blagojevich And Friends
1:37 pm
Mon December 9, 2013

Play Chronicles Course of Political Downfall in Illinois

Stuart Levine, left, and Rod Blagojevich

The curtains are closing on the Chicago play, "I Wish to Apologize to the People of Illinois" -- a timely production, given that today, Dec. 9, is the fifth anniversary of Rod Blagojevich's arrest.  Two trials later, he was convicted on 18 counts of corruption. 

At Blagojevich's sentencing hearing, the deposed governor said he was sorry for his mistakes.  But he was not the one making apologies in this show.  He's not even a character -- just someone who gets mentioned now and again. 

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4:20 am
Thu August 1, 2013

Blagojevich-Linked Figure Sentenced To Federal Prison

Credit walknboston / Flickr, Creative Commons

A central figure in the Rod Blagojevich investigation was sentenced this week to 27 months in federal prison.

Jacob Kiferbaum wasn’t in Blagojevich’s inner circle, but it was his cooperation that got the ball rolling in the investigation into corruption under former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Kiferbaum was a construction company owner who conspired with Stuart Levine, a public official in the Blagojevich administration, to rig contracts. Levine would use his clout to steer contracts to Kiferbaum who would kick some of the money back to Levine.

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9:14 am
Sat March 16, 2013

Blagojevich's First Year In Prison

Credit photo: wikipedia

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich reported into a Colorado prison one year ago this month to start his 14-year sentence. He began serving out that sentence following his conviction on federal corruption charges. State legislators say they hope the governor is reflecting on his mistakes.

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Blagojevich corruption aides
10:51 am
Fri July 20, 2012

Levine relieved by light corruption sentence

Stuart Levine

A relatively short prison sentence seems to be bringing some relief to Stuart Levine, one of the central figures in the Blagojevich scandal.
After being sentenced yesterday, Stuart Levine smiled and shook hands and joked with many of the prosecutors and FBI agents who investigated him and brought him down.
And what a downfall it's been.
Levine went from being a multi-millionaire to working at a kiosk in a mall.

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2:42 pm
Fri July 13, 2012

Prosecutors say Cellini deserves 8-year term

Federal prosecutors in Chicago contend that longtime Springfield powerbroker William Cellini deserves to go to prison for up to eight years.

A federal jury convicted Cellini in November of conspiring to shake down the Oscar-winning producer of "Million Dollar Baby" for a contribution to imprisoned former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's campaign. Cellini is scheduled to be sentenced July 23.

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