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Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey told a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee this week the sequester is having a negative effect on the economy in northern Illinois.  Earlier this year, aerial demonstrations were halted nationwide. That caused the cancellation of the city's popular AirFest. Automatic budget cuts next year could have an impact on defense-related purchases. Morrissey fears what that could mean for the region's aerospace industry:

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Rockford AirFest is cancelled, and organizers are blaming the federal government.

The federal judicial system in northern Illinois could be another victim of a drawn-out sequester. Court officials and prosecutors say they will feel the pinch.

The Impact Of Federal Cuts In Northern Illinois

Feb 22, 2013

The deadline is looming for automatic spending cuts at the federal level. While lawmakers wrangle over ways to avoid the so-called sequester, those who rely on federal funding are wondering how they would be affected. That includes companies, agencies and many others in northern Illinois.

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Members of Congress are back home instead of trying to work out a plan to avoid massive across-the-board cuts scheduled to take effect March 1st. Many are using the opportunity to show how sequestration will hurt the people who live and work in their districts.