WNIJ Special
5:37 pm
Mon July 2, 2012

The Capitol Steps on WNIJ

Hot enough for ya? Spend an hour in the air-conditioned indoors before heading out for Wednesday night's fireworks, and join 89-5 WNIJ for The Capitol Steps' 4th of July Edition of "Politics Takes a Holiday." Washington's irreverent political troupe takes a mid-summer look at what's been happening in our nation's capitol lately, including the Presidential campaigns and the Supreme Court's recent decisions on immigration and health care. Don't miss The Capitol Steps, Wednesday evening (4th of July) at 6pm, on 89-5 WNIJ.

10:04 am
Tue June 26, 2012

Pilot killed in plane crash near Monroe Center identified

A Lancair 235M lies in a cornfield near Monroe Center. The pilot was killed when the plane caught fire and crashed Tuesday.
Jacqui Stephens photo

A Will County man  who took off from the DeKalb airport en route to Rockford was killed shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday when the single-engine plane he was piloting crashed in a farm field at 19164 Crill Road near Monroe Center.

UPDATE: As of Tuesday night, the Ogle County Coroner had not released the man's name, but both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times cite people close to the pilot who identify him as Tom Plodzien, resident of Meadow Creek Airpark, outside of Monee. Records list Plodzien, 77, as the owner of the plane. 

Earlier in the day, WNIJ's Mike Moen reported from the scene that authorities were preventing onlookers and reporters from getting close to the crash itself, which was obscured by the corn crop. He said a helicopter hovered above the site and an ambulance was near the actual crash, but he was unable to see specifically what was happening.

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Free-Range Radio
4:32 pm
Mon June 25, 2012

State of the Re:Union concludes this week-end on WNIJ.

This month's Free Range Radio feature State of the Re:Union concludes Sunday presenting, Comics: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.  In State of the Re:Union, Public Radio Talent Quest winner Al Letson travels the country to find the real stories of the people working to make homes, lives, and neighborhoods -- and tells them with grace, perspective, and deep curiosity.

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NPR News Special
9:41 pm
Fri June 22, 2012

The Supreme Court Affordable Health Care Act decision will wait until Thursday

photo by SnoShuu

Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts says the Supreme Court decision on the Obama administration's Affordable Health Care Act likely will be announced on Thursday. WNIJ will provide coverage and reaction throughout the day. We'll also have an NPR News special on the decision and what it means at 6pm Thursday.

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7:58 am
Wed May 23, 2012

Finally, Egyptians have their say

In Cairo, a man casts his ballot earlier today.
Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images

"This is definitely the big event" on Egypt's way toward its own form of democracy.

That's how NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson summed up the news earlier on Morning Edition as she reported from Cairo about the opening day of the first free presidential elections in a nation that just a little more than a year ago was in the throes of a revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak's regime.

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