Steve Andersson

Flickr User That Guy DouG/CC 2.0

Illinois House Democrats passed legislation Wednesday that would compel state agencies to buy more American-made products.

State Rep. Jay Hoffman, D-Swansea, said the proposal he sponsored aligns with President Donald Trump’s focus on American manufacturing.

“I could just reference your president’s executive order regarding ‘Buy American,’ " he said. "This is saying our state taxpayer dollars should put our people to work and we should use the buying power of our state to create jobs and economic opportunity.”

Illinois’ primary election is less than a week away. Three Republicans are competing for the nomination in the state’s 65th House District. The candidates are hoping to succeed a longtime GOP lawmaker who has held the seat for 15 years.

The 65th District covers a lot of ground in Chicago’s far western suburbs. It stretches from the Huntley-area in southern McHenry County down to the cities of Saint Charles and Geneva in central Kane County.