Steve Stadelman

State Agency Wants To Help Cut Utility Bills

Jan 25, 2016


Rockford-area residents hoping to lower utility costs received help deciphering fees, charges, services and small print on utility bills at a public seminar last week.

State Sen. Steve Stadelman, D-Rockford, hosted the event, where Citizens Utility Board personnel met with concerned citizens.

CUB field coordinator Matt Harvey said they reviewed Rockford residents’ electric, gas, and land-line telephone bills to determine if they might be able to save some money.

Rachel Scaman / WNIJ

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner continues to meet with legislative leaders to try to hammer out a state budget before the end of the month. Meanwhile, state lawmakers continue to meet with constituents who will be most affected by budget cuts.

Rockford Democrats gathered a crowd of people at a Milestone, Inc. facility north of Rockford. Their causes ranged from breast cancer screenings to home health care assistance.

Democrats have retained control of the Illinois legislature. In Rockford, a State Senate seat long-held by a Republican went to a Democrat. And a Winnebago County Republican appointed to a State House seat holds on to it.

There’s a three-way race among Democrats in the 34th State Senate District.