OSF Opens Emergency Health Center In Streator

Aug 25, 2016

OSF opened a new Streator Emergency Center at 111 Spring Street.

The freestanding emergency center will be staffed 24/7. It’s equipped with imaging tools like a CT scanner and MRI machine.

Last year, officials announced St. Mary’s Hospital in Streator would close and be sold to OSF.

That left a gap of time in which residents were concerned they would not have access to emergency services.

Streator To Hold 'Pluto Fest' Events This Weekend

Jul 8, 2016

Clyde Tombaugh is known for discovering the dwarf planet in 1930. He grew up in Streator, Illinois.


NASA's New Horizon spacecraft did a flyby of Pluto last year with Tombaugh's ashes aboard. Streator residents created a festival to celebrate it. 

Pam Walker is with Streator Tourism. She says the festival is important to honor Tombaugh's efforts. 

"We just kind of want to give a nod to Pluto and to Clyde Tombaugh because he was the only American to ever discover a planet," Walker said. 

Streator Golf Course Goes Planetary

May 28, 2016
Chase Cavanaugh

Public parks and outdoor attractions often are an important part of urban planning. Yet, apart from pure green space, it’s sometimes a struggle to keep existing attractions relevant and in business.

Streator is a small city in north central Illinois, whose greatest claim to fame is as the birthplace of Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered Pluto. The city holds an annual Pluto-fest in his honor, and Anderson Fields, a 9-hole municipal golf course, has gotten in on the action.

Streator starts tenderloin and pun crawl

Sep 4, 2012
Jenna Dooley

It all started with a typo.  The result was a scrumptious idea to host a tenderloin festival.  A group of friends got together earlier this summer and decided to something about their craving for tenderloin sandwiches, made famous locally by the former Silverfross Drive-In.

Streator police chief Jeffrey Anderson he considers that the Saturday night fire that destroyed the historic Lipton Tea building may be connected to 16 suspicious fires in Streator since May 2011.

“They all seem to be the same M.O.,” he told the Lasalle NewsTribune . “We have questioned people but right now we have no definite leads.”

The fire started on the second and third floors on the east side of the four-story building, Streator Fire Chief Tom Risley said. Those two floors were being used for storage of plumbing supplies, pipes, bathtubs and “things of that nature,” Risley said.