summer foods

For Al Brinkman, barbecue is all about the smoke.  The owner of Al's BBQ Shack in DeKalb, Ill., insists meat should be cooked the old fashioned way: with wood smoke, slowly, for several hours.  "We don't use rubs or marinades," Brinkman says, "and everybody seems to enjoy it that way."

The foods of summer: Ollie's frozen custard

Jul 20, 2012
Jenna Dooley

DeKalb County's summer haven from the heat is none other than Ollie's Frozen Custard in Sycamore.  The hotspot features tasty treats and a recognizable logo: Ollie, a smiling man with a bowler hat and bushy mustache.

Known most for its creamy custard, Ollie’s has been the post-baseball game favorite since 1985 with the opening of its first store in DeKalb. When space became limited, it moved to Oakland Drive in Sycamore in 1990.