Tom Cross

Ex-Rep. Tom Cross Named Higher Education Board Chairman

Feb 28, 2016

Gov. Bruce Rauner has appointed former State Rep. Tom Cross as the Chairman of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


A news release says Cross’s experience as a state lawmaker and fiscal reformer will be an asset to the board.


Cross served in the Illinois General Assembly more than 20 years and was the House Republican Leader from 2002-2013.


He is a distinguished fellow at Aurora University, where he promotes innovation in STEM education programs. He is a senior consultant at Culloton Strategies.

It became one of the closest races in recent Illinois history. On Wednesday, Republican Tom Cross conceded the race to Democrat Mike Frerichs in the state treasurer's contest.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Cross' campaign issued the following statement:

"With the final votes counted, this election now has a conclusive outcome and I have congratulated Sen. Frerichs on a hard-fought victory. Sen.  Frerichs has demonstrated time and time again his commitment to our state and that will serve all of us well as he becomes Illinois’ next state treasurer."

Illinois Treasurer Race Still Close; Cross Takes Lead

Nov 12, 2014
State of Illinois

Republican Tom Cross' lead widened ever so slightly Tuesday in the Illinois Treasurer race. Democrat Mike Frerichs is down by one-one-thousandth of a percentage point.

The Cross campaign alleges some voters in Cook County cast more than one provisional ballot before Election Day. Cross' campaign manager, Kevin Artl, says their office found repeated voters from data provided by the County Clerk.

"We look forward to working with them, making sure that each person only gets one vote."

State of Illinois

Agriculture is one of the issues discussed in the waning days of the Illinois Treasurer campaign. The office maintains state funds and acts as the state's bank.

Republican Tom Cross says he would ensure the "ag invest" program remains available to farmers. Democrat Mike Frerichs says the office could help farmers transition to more sustainable practices, and those transition costs can be high.

Frerichs and Cross are vying to replace Dan Rutherford, who's leaving office after a failed bid for governor.

First Debate For Illinois Treasurer Happens Today

Oct 15, 2014
State of Illinois

The candidates for Illinois treasurer face off this morning for the first debate in a tight race. Republican State Representative Tom Cross and Democratic State Senator Mike Frerichs both want to be the next state treasurer.

It’s a race that’s been surprisingly negative, and Frerichs’ campaign manager Zach Koutsky says it’s all Cross’ fault.

"Our 22-year statehouse opponent has been smearing every time Sen. Frerichs comes out with a proposal to improve an existing program in the office."
--- Zach Koutsky, Mike Frerichs's campaign manager

Amanda Vinicky

Call him “House Minority Leader Durkin.” State Representative Jim Durkin was elected Thursday by his Republican colleagues as their new House leader.  

The new Republican leader is from the Cook County village of Western Springs. He’s an attorney and has served twice in the Illinois House: from 1994 to 2002, and from 2006 to today. In between, he ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate.  

House GOP Will Meet To Pick A Leader

Aug 27, 2013

Republican members of the Illinois House of Representatives will meet Thursday to try to select a replacement for GOP Leader Tom Cross, who announced last week that he will be stepping down. He's expected to run for State Treasurer instead.

Seventeen House Republicans who signed a letter officially scheduling the meeting say there's no time to waste in replacing him.

The letter says the House Republican's fundraising arm is in "dire financial straits" ... and that shoring up funds ahead of next year's election will be difficult until a new leader is in place.

Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Illinois House minority leader Tom Cross is telling his Republican colleagues today he plans to run for Illinois treasurer. 

Lisa Madigan's Ripple Effect

Jul 22, 2013

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's decision to run for re-election will have its biggest effect on the democratic primary for governor. It could also lead to a change in leadership among Republicans in the Illinois House.

State Rep. Tom Cross, a Republican from Oswego who's been House Minority Leader since 2002, says "many" people approached him to consider running for AG when it was thought Madigan was likely to run for governor.

That, in turn, prompted more than a few lawmakers to begin measuring for drapes in the minority leader's office.

Republican lawmakers in the Illinois House say the state could save a lot of money by tightening welfare rules. They unveiled a package of reforms at Memorial Hall in Rockford Wednesday.