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University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen is again pushing a plan for the state to agree to multi-year budget for the school in exchange for controls on tuition increases and other benchmarks.

Killeen previously discussed the idea as a way to provide financial stability as the state continues to struggle with its budget crisis.

University spokesman Tom Hardy says state Sen. Bill Cunningham and state Rep. Michael Zalewski plan to introduce legislation today that would put that plan into action.

  The University of Illinois has received a relatively glowing financial report from Moody's Investor Service, but it comes with some caveats.  

The firm credits U of I leaders for having bolstered the school's balance sheet. The report says the school's brand and diverse revenue base -- for example, high demand from international students -- add credit stability that's helped to cushion state funding blows.  This includes the current budget impasse, which has resulted in public universities going nearly a year without funding.  

New U of I Urbana Chancellor Introduced On Campus

Jul 21, 2016
Sean Neumann, Illinois Public Media

  Robert Jones won’t start as the next chancellor at the University of Illinois’ Urbana campus for a little over two months.  But in an interview featured Wednesday on The 21st, Jones told host Niala Boodhoo about his plans for the first 100 days on the job. The campus’ first African-American chancellor calls it a 'listening and learning tour.'

"This is a process that has served me well through the better part of my 27 years in higher education," he said. 

U Of I Selects New Chancellor For Urbana Campus

Jul 20, 2016
University of Illinois

University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen has announced that Robert J. Jones will be the new chancellor for the University's Urbana campus and vice-president of the three-campus U of I system.

The 65-year-old Jones is president of the Albany campus of the State University of New York. Pending approval by trustees on Thursday, he will take office as chancellor in Urbana on October 3.

U Of I Budget Using FY 2015 Figure As Guideline

May 10, 2016
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  University of Illinois Trustees will soon vote on a budget for the next fiscal year, without knowing how much, if any, state funding, to expect - due to the ongoing budget impasse in Springfield. Normally, the U of I would use the current budget year as a guide when planning for the next one.

But since there’s been no budget, Chief Financial Officer Walter Knorr says trustees will use the state’s appropriation for the previous budget year -- FY 2015 -- as a guide when they meet in Springfield next week.